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Cultura: Depoimentos

ACX - Culture

Understanding that Culture is the set of knowledge, sciences, habits, beliefs, religiosity, arts, technologies, knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, techniques and customs adopted by the people, respecting differences by origin or learning due to constant and permanent creation, evolution of mixtures and miscegenation the elements from the migratory processes to the region, whether in cooking, clothing, handicrafts, diversified artistic modalities, considering the regional wealth due to the ancestry of native peoples still present today with eight indigenous ethnicities: Xipaia, Curuaia, Juruna, Arauweté, Parakanã, Kaiapó and Assurini. Sharing territorial space with riverside dwellers, migrants and immigrants who inhabit the middle Xingu, forming a mixed culture, of immeasurable wealth that reflects in cuisine, music, dance, literature, paintings, scientific knowledge, religions etc.

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