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Art Communication Xingu

Arte Comunicação Xingu - ACX, has as mission the democratization of communication, sustainable productive involvement, with respect to the balance between society and nature, acting based on the knowledge of the multiple diversity of peoples and cultures of the Transamazônica and Xingu.

We are a family owned and operated business.

ACX was born from the need to make visible our intangible cultural heritage and TransXingu materials, to disseminate, inform, exhibit and commercialize, with a fair sharing of benefits, all forms of regional expressions, whether in tourism, environment or culture, for the purpose to organize socio-economic activities of sustainable productive involvement, through communication, to facilitate access to public policies in the region, articulating the segments of Communication, Environment, Culture and Tourism, valuing local diversities.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Whether in the monitoring of studies, research and actions to promote strategic social communication techniques and technologies that motivate social participation in the execution of projects aimed at supporting collaborative, creative and sustainable democracy or in the regional productive promotion. Assisting scientific production, transcribing and disseminating information of public interest between researcher and society with respect to the Code of Ethics in Brazilian communication based on the citizen's fundamental right to information, with veracity and social responsibility.

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